4 sterling examples of technology leaders creating customer loyalty

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IT has become a front-line discussion. Long gone are the days of being a black-box corporation, in part, ironically, because tech leaders have successfully proven that IT is integral to company growth and customer satisfaction. This shift also means today’s technologist must have an even higher awareness of the user experience.

Here are four sterling examples of tech leaders creating customer loyalty through experiences:

Tesla transforms long-standing policy after outreach

Tesla founder Elon Musk received a social media message on a Saturday: An owner of a Tesla electric car complained about other owners using the rare charging stations to park instead of refuel. Musk replied that it was, indeed, ridiculous. By the following week, Tesla sent out a notice: “For every additional minute a car remains connected to the Supercharger, it will incur a $0.40 idle fee.” While leading both Tesla and the rocket ship company SpaceX, Musk was able to implement a user need within a week.

Google gets a young customer for life

After talking to her dad, a 7-year-old girl sent a letter (a physical one) to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. She asked for a job. Included in the letter were her skills, work history, and deep familiarity with using a tablet. Four days later, Pichai sent her a reply back encouraging her to pursue her love of robotics and apply to Google when she finishes school. The result was a viral letter that not only encourages STEM fields for girls, but gives potential customers a reason to support Google.

Rackspace makes sure its customers are fed

Troubleshooting calls can easily be the most painful experience for your customers, especially if you lack the tact or patience to guide them carefully. Rackspace focuses on extreme service. In one case, the service rep actually paused the call and ordered a pizza for the distressed tech customers on the other end. The rep did it without them knowing, so the (free) meal 30 minutes later was a pleasant surprise.

Buffer gathers support by being an open book

Smart tech customer service can also come from being vulnerable and honest. Buffer regularly shares its strategic insights, mission, goals, and even budget breakdowns of where each dollar spent goes. As a result, Buffer has a strong online following and, unlike many companies, doesn’t have to convince its customers that it is being truthful and upfront.

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