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DevOps has emerged as a powerful tool for CIOs striving to deliver speed and agility to the business. But with that great potential comes great responsibility. So IT leaders consume DevOps advice with a critical eye – and debate DevOps with passion. DevOps methodologies also involve huge organizational and cultural changes for IT teams, and with change, leaders must manage a high level of emotion. Talent worries also come along for the ride. Consider what SunTrust CIO Anil Cheriyan shared with us recently:

"It seems everybody has their own idea as to what [DevOps] should look like. I think, fundamentally, DevOps is about talent ... For too many years, people have been sitting in silos. It takes real effort on both sides to begin understanding and work together in a more agile and iterative fashion, and all of that needs to happen before you can even think about calling your approach DevOps."

DevOps prizes experimentation and iteration at high speed, of course. But while DevOps practitioners have their own strong opinions about what works best, the DevOps formula for each company will look at least slightly different based on goals and culture. Says Cheriyan: “We’ve learned not to get too hung up on the ultimate, 100 percent purist view of what DevOps is, but rather put our focus and energy into changing the culture and driving outcomes.”

As DevOps articles rose to the top of our most-read list during the past few months, we know you’re hungry for expert advice. Here, we’ve rounded up 10 recent articles on DevOps that deliver just that. Delve into what Cheriyan, other CIOs, and DevOps leaders say about how to get more from your organization's DevOps effort: 

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Laurianne McLaughlin is Editorial Director, Digital Communities for Red Hat, leading content strategy. Previously, she served as Content Director for The Enterprisers Project, Editor-in-Chief at InformationWeek.com, and Managing Editor at CIO.com.