The biggest changes in IT in the last 5 years

The biggest changes in IT in the last 5 years

As The Enterprisers Project celebrates its 5-year anniversary, we look back at how IT has morphed. CIOs and tech executives discuss cloud advances, agile work styles, and more

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Goodbye project management, hello product management

Andres Angelani, CEO, Softvision: “I think we all have an appreciation that IT as a simple cost center, one that takes requirements from the business and delivers 'as prescribed,' is a dated model and idea. From my perspective, the vision for IT has evolved for the better. It is now more of a product-centric organization that partners with relevant trendsetters and service companies, ultimately leveraging technology to fulfill the vision of the business. Supporting technology is passe, the new remit is to be the engine for digital transformation.”

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Andres Richter, CEO, Priority: “Today, CIOs are expected to be proactive, collaborative business partners, rather than being responsible for managing digital infrastructure. Cloud-based solutions have enabled CIOs to be more strategic by moving the headache of acquiring, updating, and maintaining software and hardware to third-party suppliers. By doing this, organizations can allocate a greater share of their budget to activities that better contribute to improving business processes. Leveraging managed services from a cloud service or hosting provider allows organizations to free up their IT staff to work on more strategic, revenue-generating projects, instead of focusing on operating infrastructure.”

IoT and AI technologies delivering business value

Yuval Lavi, Vice President of Technology & Innovation, Magic Software: “In the last five years, IoT has resulted in real solutions bringing business value and moving beyond the hype. Smart sensors are empowering predictive maintenance, which results in equipment being serviced when it’s really needed, extending equipment life while enabling manufacturers to sell hours of service instead of products. The entire supply chain has been streamlined, with the ability to track products from factory to customer, including environmental conditions, resulting in better product quality, quicker delivery times, and more efficient transportation routes, while reducing costs and improving the customer experience.”

Anant Adya, SVP of Cloud, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure, Infosys: “With the endless possibilities that AI, IoT, machine learning, blockchain have introduced in the past five years, there are countless opportunities to not only discover but also to enjoy in the IT industry. The institutional and traditional ways of working can no longer deliver expectations of today and of the future. To enable business value with speed and agility, IT has to leverage data for insights and continuously reinvent the trifecta of process, systems, and customer experience. Mobile apps, wearables, sensors, cloud, data-driven insights, and cognitive computing all have a significant impact on customer behavior and generate new expectations."

Coming next: IT jobs we can't imagine yet

Rose Manjarres, SVP, Digital & Technology, CBRE: “Several new technologies have emerged (virtual reality, 3D printing, Internet of Things, machine learning, artificial intelligence, drone technology, autonomous vehicles … the list goes on and on). Technology is evolving at such a tremendous rate, that 65 to 85 percent of jobs that the next generation will perform by the year 2030 have not even been invented yet. That’s a pretty astonishing statistic and clearly an indication the world is changing into a science fiction universe!”

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Can't wait to see what AI and

Can't wait to see what AI and quantum computing do together.


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