IT jobs: 10 must-reads for job hunters

IT jobs: 10 must-reads for job hunters

Time for a new IT job? Get must-have advice on in-demand roles, salary negotiation, interview tips, and more

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September 11, 2018

IT people have many passions, ranging from mobile technology to security. But one thing you’re always passionate about is your career success. It’s an interesting moment in the IT profession, marked by great change both in individual roles and team organization. More CIOs are leading digital strategy. More workplaces are blurring the boundaries between teams, thanks to DevOps and agile ways of working. New technologies like AI and automation are taking over some manual tasks, ideally freeing IT people to do more valuable work.

Based on our recent readership numbers on career-minded stories, this is a time of year when many of you start to think about whether you’re still in the right place. So we’ve rounded up some must-reads if you’re hunting for your next IT role – or preparing to hunt – because preparation is key.

These articles will give you everything from a look at what roles are hot to salary negotiation tips. So dig in. And let us know what aspects of IT job hunting you’d like us to bear down on in the future. Good luck with the job hunt.

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