10 business, tech, and leadership podcasts for 2019

10 business, tech, and leadership podcasts for 2019

Check out these podcasts covering newer or niche subject areas that will be important to IT leaders in the year ahead, from machine learning and blockchain to mindful leadership

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January 08, 2019

6. WorkLife

Organizational psychologist and best-selling author Adam Grant conducts interviews in studio and out in the field, exploring the keys to leading a more creative, meaningful, and generous life at work. This slick and entertaining weekly TED-produced podcast (whose big-name guests have included Malcolm Gladwell, Ashley Judd, and Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens) takes on meaty topics like learning to love criticism, faking emotions at work, and trusting people you don’t like.

7. The WIRED Podcast

This podcast, produced by WIRED UK, offers an alternative to the same old tech news. It goes beyond the big headlines to explore big events with more nuance, like the CRISPR gene-edited baby scandal, the Google walkout, the human cost of Amazon PRIME Day, and tech’s gender pay gap.

8. Learning Machines 101

This podcast bills itself as a “gentle introduction” to the world of IT aimed at a general audience. However, the topics covered are pretty technical in nature, such as identifying emotion in facial expressions, catching spammers with spectral clustering, and building recommendation systems using latent sentiment analysis.

9. This Week in Machine Learning & AI (TWiMl & AI)

A good accompaniment to Learning Machines 101, TWiMl & AI follows the latest in all things AI, keeping close tabs on the latest conferences and events in the space. Episodes also feature interviews with AI experts delving into a variety of use cases, including consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles, and sports.

10. Leaders in the Trenches

Gene Hammett launched this podcast four years ago “to serve leaders on their journey of growth and significance” and has built a library of nearly 400 episodes There’s something for nearly every IT leader here, from learning how to coach others in a fast-paced and changing work environment to creating breakthroughs in confidence and creating a culture of growth and independent thinking.

[ Open source has a rich history and future. Check out Red Hat’s podcast, Command Line Heroes: Season 2, for a look at how open source helped NASA take us to Mars – and what’s ahead. ]


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