Top 10 DevOps articles of 2019

Top 10 DevOps articles of 2019

Check out our most popular DevOps articles of the year – for lessons you can use in 2020 and answers to key DevOps questions

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As more organizations – especially the larger, more traditionally hierarchical ones – adopted DevOps practices in 2019, leaders faced many questions. Common questions include how to scale DevOps, how to deal with people who push back against these new ways of working, and how to apply DevOps in larger digital transformation efforts. And as DevOps was introduced to more people, even more basic questions bubbled to the surface in many organizations – like what is DevOps, how does it compare to the ways things have always been done, and what does leadership look like in this new DevOps world?

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Thankfully, the DevOps community at large collectively paid it forward by sharing lessons learned with others. As we rounded up our most popular DevOps articles of 2019, we loved seeing the passion for this cultural phenomenon come through the community's words.

“DevOps is more than hype,” wrote Raja Roy, vice president of technology at PK, in his article "Has DevOps lost its groove?": "It enables organizations to culturally ingrain speed and agility, rapid development, the ability to scale, and collaboration across the organization. DevOps can be transformative only if adoption is not embraced as a set of tools but as a set of practices, principles, and disciplines that extend throughout the organization, shaping the culture as well as the process.”

Take this opportunity to catch up on these insightful DevOps articles that you may have missed, or bookmark this list to read in the new year. We hope they’ll answer your pressing DevOps questions, and help get you started on the right foot in 2020.

1. Agile vs. DevOps: What’s the difference?

Agile and DevOps have a shared past. That leads to some lingering misunderstandings about the terms.

2. DevOps terms: 10 essential concepts, explained

Here’s a primer on 10 key terms you need to know – whether you are new to DevOps or you want to bring a colleague up to speed quickly. We also contrast commonly confused DevOps terms.

3. 4 DevOps trends to watch in 2020

Whether you’re just beginning with DevOps or you’re pretty far down the road, this way of working is about constant improvement. Check out four big trends.

4. DevOps for doubters: How to deal with 9 kinds of people who push back

Are certain people clinging to the old ways of working? Here’s how to identify them – and get them on board with your DevOps efforts.

5. 8 habits of successful DevOps team leaders

What do great leaders do differently as organizations scale DevOps? Use these best practices to set everyone up for success.

6. Has DevOps lost its groove?

The noise around the term “DevOps” just grows. But cultural shifts don’t happen overnight – and can’t be packaged.

7. 7 pieces of contrarian DevOps advice

Common wisdom sometimes falls flat for DevOps teams. Consider these DevOps tips learned the hard way.

8. 10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation

DevOps plays an essential role in digital transformation - from identifying patterns to uncovering new revenue streams. In fact, experts say it’s hard to have one without the other.

9. DevOps vs. ITIL 4 vs. SRE: Stop the arguments

Which approach is right in the age of digital transformation? It’s not an either-or question. Let’s compare and contrast the approaches and benefits of these methodologies.

10. How to scale DevOps: Tackle 7 common time-wasters

From bad handoffs to over-production of functionality, these issues will slow down your DevOps work. Here’s how to identify and minimize them.

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