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The current IT job market is ripe for job hunters. 

A recent survey from Robert Half Technology found that 63 percent of IT hiring managers expect to expand their teams in the first half of 2019. But 87 percent of the 2,800 IT decision makers surveyed admitted it's difficult for their organizations to find the skilled IT talent they need.

But that doesn't mean talented IT job seekers can just bank on landing any job they interview for. In fact, the interview itself could sour a candidate's chances if they're unprepared.

"While candidates may have the upper hand in the current job market, they shouldn’t overlook the hiring process."

You may think you don't need to practice or do any prepwork – that your experience speaks for itself. But if you're being considered against another candidate who took their interview more seriously, you may not get the job offer you're banking on. 

“While candidates may have the upper hand in the current job market, they shouldn’t overlook the hiring process. You still need to put time and effort into your resume and interview preparation. Let the hiring manager focus on your skills and experience, instead of a potentially sloppy resume or mistakes during the interview,” says John Reed, executive vice president of Robert Half.

That means you need to some homework. But don't worry, we've got you covered 

We interviewed experts at leading technology recruiting firms to find out specific ways you can stand out from the pack and make a good impression. Their tips will prepare you for all stages of the interview process, including:

  • Doing your research 
  • How to nail a virtual interview
  • Avoiding the most disappointing response you can give at the end of any interview
  • Examples of questions you can use in your interview

Download our cheat sheet for quick advice you can follow to stand out from the pack during your next interview. It's a handy reference for anyone preparing for a job interview. 

Ginny Holden is an independent consultant who brings the practice of IT to life through memorable storytelling.