Top 10 Kubernetes articles of 2020

Take this chance to catch up on Kubernetes lessons, best practices, and tips from your peers and Kubernetes experts, as we head into 2021
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Why has Kubernetes become the default for organizations working with containerized applications? As Red Hat technology evangelist Gordon Haff recently noted, Kuberenetes “elevates containers from something mostly of interest to individual developers to something that can be deployed at scale in production environments.”

As the container approach spread like wildfire among developers in 2019 and 2020, so too did an appreciation for Kubernetes’ ability to automate management and security of those containers. In 2019 many of you had to explain Kubernetes in plain English to others in your organization.

But in 2020, your reading habits on our Kubernetes articles show that many of you made progress much further down the path. You’re hard at work on Kubernetes security, best practices, making the most of Kubernetes operators - and staying up to date on the many open source projects that enhance the power of Kubernetes.

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Consider this list a chance to catch up on lessons, best practices, and tips from your peers and Kubernetes experts, as we head into 2021:

10. 5 Kubernetes predictions for 2021

As Kubernetes enters a new phase of maturity at many enterprises, what’s next? Let’s examine five automation issues that matter post-Kubernetes rollout – and advice for teams grappling with them.

9. The state of Kubernetes: 6 facts you might not know

June 7 marks Kubernetes’ 6th birthday. Let’s look at six things you might not know about the orchestration platform that’s a containerized application’s best friend.

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8. Kubernetes deployments: 6 security best practices

Experts share tips on improving the overall security of your software development and deployments – at the same time you increase speed and scale using Kubernetes.

7. How Raspberry Pi and Kubernetes work together

Why build a Kubernetes cluster with Raspberry Pi devices? Welcome to an easy, affordable route to Kubernetes education and experimentation.

6. Kubernetes Operators: 4 facts to know

Without real automation, you won’t realize the full potential of containers. That’s where Kubernetes Operators play a growing role. Here’s what IT leaders should know.

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5. 7 best practices: Building applications for containers and Kubernetes

Let’s examine key considerations for building new applications specifically for containers and Kubernetes, according to cloud-native experts.

4. Kubernetes: 6 secrets of successful teams

Kubernetes will manage container and application complexity for you, but do you know how to play your part? Here are six significant things that high-performing teams do when successfully running Kubernetes in production.

3. 5 open source Kubernetes projects to watch in 2021

Open source projects make Kubernetes even more powerful. Check out these up-and-coming options that address pain points related to Java, observability, CI/CD pipelines, and more.

2. 14 Kubernetes interview questions: For hiring managers and job seekers

Filling Kubernetes jobs can be tricky because the technology is relatively young. Experts share interview questions to help hiring managers sort candidates – and help job seekers prepare.

1. 5 open source projects that make Kubernetes even better

Open source projects bring many additional capabilities to Kubernetes, such as performance monitoring, developer tools, serverless capabilities, and CI/CD workflows. Check out these five widely used options.

Bonus: Our Kubernetes deep dive

Kubernetes: Everything you need to know

Kubernetes helps orchestrate and automate tasks associated with containers - an essential need as you scale. Here’s a deep dive for IT leaders on what Kubernetes can do, key terms, best practices, trends, and more.

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