CIO role post-pandemic: 7 tweets from CIOChat Live

CIO role post-pandemic: 7 tweets from CIOChat Live

At this week's virtual CIOChat Live conference, top CIOs discussed how the pandemic is changing the CIO role on the spot and what's to come.

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Peer-to-peer conversations are a key way CIOs and IT executives stay informed, and over the years a weekly Twitter chat known as #CIOChat has facilitated that connection for a growing group of CIOs. This week, regular participants in the online chat came together via video for the group's second annual live conference to discuss the many challenges and opportunities facing the CIO role

The weekly Twitter chat happens from 2-3 ET on Thursdays. You can join by following the hashtag #CIOChat on Twitter.

The #CIOChatLive event was originally planned to be a multi-day event in Atlanta, where CIOs and other IT practitioners would take their weekly online conversations to the physical world. When it became apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic would be scrapping the in-person event, organizers pivoted to create a free, virtual gathering. 

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Since the event’s roots grew from Twitter, participants naturally tweeted updates throughout the day.  Here’s a look at some key tweets during the virtual event. 

Let’s start by setting the stage for the expectations attendees have for today’s CIOs. Net Health CIO Jason James observed: 

Among the many CIOs who play a strategic role in their organizations is Adobe CIO Cynthia Stoddard. She joined a panel looking at how CIOs can move from a trusted operator to a business co-creator and change instigator. Stoddard is a big proponent of empowering employees “to take productivity and innovation to new levels.”  

The innumerable changes to work and life brought on by this pandemic is spotlighting the importance of IT and the CIO role in organizations large and small, as noted by both James and BridgeCare Health Network CIO Michael Archuleta.

Quikrete CIO Jay Ferro is hopeful about the good that can come from all the workplace changes brought on by current conditions. 

CIOs who have continued to remain in a proverbial “keeping the lights on role,” may soon find themselves out of a job, noted panelist Tim Crawford, CIO Strategic Advisor for AVOA and host of the CIO In The Know (CIOitk) podcast.  

Another change to the CIO role that may be accelerated after the pandemic is the organizational reporting structure, tweeted Joanna Young, an executive digital advisor and regular #CIOChat participant. 

If you missed the event, the videos will be posted soon. In the meantime, let’s take a cue from Jay Brodsky, CDO at the American Geophysical Union, and thank the cybersecurity professionals working behind-the-scenes to make sure we can be productive during this massive shift to working from home. 

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