Building a culture of collaboration and transparency in IT

Building a culture of collaboration and transparency in IT

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April 30, 2014
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Curt Carver, Vice Chancellor and CIO, Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia talks about DevOps, an idea whose time has finally come, "So the idea of DevOps, of bringing together our business partners, our customers, our IT professionals, and having them work together to jointly solve problems and develop systems, is something that we've worked at very, very hard within the university system of Georgia. What we've tried to do is make sure that we've got all of those folks actively engaged in developing new functionality, building that new functionality, and looking at what's going to be the next system? How do we take advantage of this?" When we built our strategic plan, we did so the smallest group involved was IT. The largest group came from the campuses and the second largest group came from the university system, the business owners.

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