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Digital transformation: 3 takeaways from Constellation’s Connected Enterprise conference

digital transformation stall
With digital transformation and AI, are you running too fast? Which is more important – employee or customer experience?...

Adobe CIO: How we scaled RPA with a Center of Excellence

ai rpa fears
Cynthia Stoddard shares how her team’s Robotic Process Automation Center of Excellence helped Adobe grow RPA use rapidly –...

Big data and AI: 3 real-world use cases

Big Data and AI use cases
Big data and artificial intelligence work together to help companies improve customer experiences in new ways. Consider these big...

How big data and AI work together

How big data works with AI
How is artificial intelligence – and its prominent discipline, machine learning – helping deliver better business insights from big...

5 AI fears and how to address them

ai rpa fears
IT leaders implementing AI will encounter fears – many of them well-founded. The trick is to focus on these...

Robotic process automation (RPA) job interviews: How to prepare

Want to move into the growing job market for robotic process automation (RPA)? Here’s what hiring managers and candidates...

How to explain AI in plain English

AI artificial intelligence
What is artificial intelligence? How does AI work? What are the enterprise use cases? Here’s how to discuss the...

How to explain natural language processing (NLP) in plain English

nlp explained
What is natural language processing (NLP)? How does it work? Where is NLP used? We break down this branch...

6 soft skills IT leaders need in the AI age

AI will cause big change inside your organization - and with change comes fear. Work on these soft skills...

How to make a career switch into AI: 8 tips

AI artificial intelligence
How can you switch from another IT specialty into AI? Experts say there’s still time: Try these transition tips...



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