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AI and your resume: How to beat the bots

ai rpa fears
Before you can interview for a new job, you must get past the AI tools that screen candidates. Experts...

How to explain deep learning in plain English

What is deep learning? How does it work? What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning? We...

5 TED Talks on the future of robots

Do you feel bad when your Roomba gets stuck? Do you worry about what robots are coming next? Watch...

How to staff an AI team: 11 key roles

CIO leading remote teams tips
What could a musician, chemist, or physicist bring to your artificial intelligence team? Plenty. Let’s look at a range...

Are you ready for AI? 5 places to prepare now

AI artificial intelligence
Focus on these key areas to lay the groundwork for successful AI implementations in your organization

Explainable AI: 4 industries where it will be critical

what is explainable AI
Explainable AI – which lets humans understand and articulate how an AI system made a decision – will be...

What is explainable AI?

what is explainable AI
Explainable AI means humans can understand the path an IT system took to make a decision. Let’s break down...

9 must-read books for digital leaders

Pack these books from MIT Press and MIT Sloan CIO Symposium speakers in your summer getaway bag to stay...

How we use AI to help college students succeed

AI agents now serve as personal assistants for faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. We call them...

AI rewrites the rules on data analysis, CIOs say

data science
IT leaders successfully working with AI look back at the data issues they had to tackle before reaping benefits...



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