Bob Stevens

Area Vice President of Public Sector, GitLab Inc.

Bob Stevens is the Area Vice President of Public Sector at GitLab Inc., the DevOps platform. GitLab’s single application helps organizations deliver software faster and more efficiently while strengthening their security and compliance.

Since 2021, Bob has led the public sector team by helping agencies fundamentally change the way their development, security, and operations teams collaborate. In his 25 years in the space, he has built rapport and trust with government agencies and industry leaders. Prior to GitLab, he was VP of the Americas at Lookout Federal Inc., where he focused on providing mobile threat visibility and protection to enterprise and government entities. He continues to serve as a board member of Lookout.

Bob also held leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Network Equipment Technologies, Bivio Networks and Brocade Communications. Additionally, he served in the United States Air Force as a computer specialist at the White House communications agency.

Bob earned a B.S. in Business from Southern Vermont College.