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How to manage multiple hybrid cloud vendors: 8 tips

CIO Cloud
Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud strategy means juggling vendors. Use this advice to get the best results and avoid trouble

DevOps Jobs: How to win that role

interview tips for hiring managers
How can you stand out among DevOps jobs candidates? Apply this expert advice

How to choose an emerging technology: 3 factors

Identify software development pain points CIO
Aaron Stibel walks you though his choice for a modernization effort – including culture fit.

Revenue generation secret: Make everyone a product manager

How Joe Kinsella, CTO of CloudHealth Technologies, turned his team into a revenue-generating powerhouse

Hybrid cloud security: 8 key considerations

CVE explained
Expert advice on securing hybrid cloud environments

Ellucian CIO: Cloud era demands new IT skillset

CIO Cloud Strategy
Prioritize DevOps, security, communication, and financial skills.

How Land O’Lakes IT drives revenue: Strategy snapshot

Digital transformation ROI
Learn from Land O’Lakes CIO Mike Macrie’s experience

DevOps requires dumping old IT leadership ideas

devops culture questions
What does leading in the DevOps era mean? One CIO's take

How to discuss hybrid cloud with the board

CIO Cloud
Worried you'll lose them early? CIOs, cloud experts share advice

10 DevOps must-reads

Devops gears laptop
DevOps advice from your peers on teams, culture, and metrics.



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