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How to map IT ROI: New era, new variables

With many digital projects, achieving a strong ROI means establishing a range to shoot for — while watching the...

Robotic process automation (RPA): How it works

How does robotic process automation software handle repetitive tasks? Does RPA require coding? Where does it fit? Let’s break...

Augmented Reality (AR): 4 enterprise use cases

What are companies doing with augmented reality? Let’s examine some real-world use cases

How big data and AI work together

How big data works with AI
How is artificial intelligence – and its prominent discipline, machine learning – helping deliver better business insights from big...

How to explain multi-cloud in plain English

What is multi-cloud? How does it differ from hybrid cloud? What are the use cases and security concerns? Here's...

How to explain augmented reality in plain English

Augmented reality (AR) has moved beyond headsets and gaming and into industries like manufacturing and healthcare. Here’s how to...

Mobile security: 5 misunderstandings that persist

mobile security
Mobile has become ubiquitous in the enterprise: So why do so many organizations still buy into these security misconceptions?

Multi-cloud spending: 8 tips to lower costs

multicloud spending
Are you overspending with your multi-cloud strategy? IT leaders and multi-cloud experts share their best advice on how to...

Multi-cloud security: 7 issues to watch

Using multiple cloud providers is not riskier than using one: Each arrangement has its pros and cons. Prioritize these...

5 AI fears and how to address them

ai fears
IT leaders implementing AI will encounter fears – many of them well-founded. The trick is to focus on these...



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