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How to explain hybrid cloud storage in plain English

hybrid cloud storage explained
What is hybrid cloud storage exactly, and what problems does it solve as data sets continue to grow and...

How to explain Business Process Management (BPM) in plain English

business process management bpm explained
Is business process management (BPM) a discipline, or a set of tools? What can BPM do in concert with...

5 approaches to security automation

remote work security best practices
Too many threats, too little time: Security automation has become a must-have for enterprises. Consider this advice on approaches...

Open source IT jobs by the numbers: 13 statistics

open source jobs statistics
If you have open source skills, hiring managers want you. Consider fresh open source jobs stats from The Linux...

What is SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response)?

what is soar - Security Orchestration, Automation and Response
SOAR technologies strive to automate some of the repetitive human effort required to maintain a strong security posture. Here's...

Hybrid cloud strategy: 5 expert tips

hybrid cloud strategy
The dynamic nature of hybrid cloud requires a corresponding willingness to regularly review and update your strategy and its...

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 9 things IT pros wish the CIO knew

AI artificial intelligence
CIOs and IT leaders need to know AI in reasonable depth to understand its pragmatic adoption. Otherwise, you may...

Hybrid cloud examples: 3 ways enterprises are using it now

hybrid cloud examples
Among IT leaders and teams building out hybrid cloud strategies, these three example use cases come up frequently. Which...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics: 5 questions CIOs should ask

Liability, privacy, and other ethical quagmires await IT leaders applying artificial intelligence tools. Let's examine five areas that are...

Hybrid cloud strategy: 4 signs yours needs a refresh

hybrid cloud explained
Users grumbling about latency? Cloud bills delivering surprises? These lead the warning signs your hybrid cloud strategy needs some...



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