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Hybrid cloud by the numbers, 2020: 10 stats to see

cloud trends 2020
How are enterprises applying hybrid cloud strategy now? Let's take a look at the data

IT careers: How to get a job as an Artificial Intelligence (AI) developer

machine learning explained
As organizations move quickly to adopt AI, they want candidates who bring creative thinking along with technical know-how. Consider...

IT security automation: 3 ways to get started

IT security automation
Some enterprises strive to automate security tasks, only to increase operational overhead. Experts discuss how to avoid that self-defeating...

6 Kubernetes workflows and processes you can automate

Kubernetes facts
What are some key workflows or processes that can be automated with Kubernetes? Experts share six examples

Quantum computing: 4 things CIOs should know

quantum computing
Should quantum computing be on an IT leader's radar, or is it simply the stuff of research labs right...

How to approach an IT migration: 6 tips

As the pandemic puts a focus on IT agility, organizations need to critically examine legacy applications and systems. Consider...

How American Express is tapping the benefits of hybrid cloud

hybrid cloud explained
Evan Kotsovinos oversees cloud strategy for Amex, which serves more than 100 million card members globally. In this interview,...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): What you need to know about security

Just because you automate a process doesn’t mean you’ve secured it. If you're considering RPA, make sure you understand...

Edge computing for beginners: 11 key concepts

Edge computing trends 2021
Need to get up to speed on edge computing – or educate others in your organization? Check out these...

Can Kubernetes be an IT budget hero?

Kubernetes: how to save IT budget with automation
Kubernetes helps IT teams increase efficiency, reliability, and consistency – which helps reap budget savings. Let's look at four...



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