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8 TED Talks on emerging technologies to watch

From quantum computing to AR to bionic limbs, these emerging technologies deserve your attention. Get up to speed with...

How to explain deep learning in plain English

What is deep learning? How does it work? What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning? We...

Security bootcamp: 8 must-read books for leaders

Hackers increasingly target individuals as weak links. As the number of breaches and their costs continue to spike, it’s...

NTT Data CIO shares lessons from low-code/no-code development experiment

Barry Shurkey explains how the experiment helped his IT staff grow and learn about new technologies and application development...

Is HR ready for AI?

AI could supercharge human resources – but only if they proactively prepare for it, experts say

Automation: A strategic approach to earning employee trust and buy-in

At the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, adopting RPA was more of a change management effort than a technology...

Microservices: How to prep DevOps teams

CIO Containers Ecosystem
Experiencing friction around microservices adoption? Take the time to make sure everyone understands its benefits

4 misconceptions about APIs

CIO Delivering apps faster byod
APIs have evolved steadily and soothed development complexity, but some common misunderstandings remain

Quantum computing and security: 5 looming questions

Quantum computing inspires some alarmist headlines. What is it and what do enterprise IT leaders need to know about...

Kubernetes jobs: 9 facts and figures

Kubernetes jobs - some of today’s hottest IT roles - pay a national average of $144,648. What else should...



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