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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): 5 lessons to learn early

RPA Robotic Process Automation lessons
Consider these lessons – ideally, before you get started with Robotic Process Automation, experts say. This prep work will...

9 must-read technology books for 2020

must-read technology books 2020
Get a fresh perspective on core and emerging technologies - from AI to analytics - and the related leadership...

5G: Is it time to jump in?

5g statistics
The much-anticipated fifth-generation mobile networking technology holds enormous potential for enterprise users. Here's how to know when to commit...

5 cloud trends to watch in 2020

cloud trends 2020
How will the cloud model evolve this year? Let’s look at hybrid strategy, a new focus on automation and...

Machine learning case studies: How CIOs experiment without adding talent

machine learning case studies
Down-to-earth offshoots of artificial intelligence are increasingly accessible for digital transformation work. These projects tapped into machine learning –...

Security 2020: 4 trends to watch

security trends 2020
What are the key trends in the enterprise threat landscape in 2020? Here are four security issues you and...

10 DevOps trends to watch in 2020

Where is DevOps headed this year? Let’s examine key trends around topics including training, metrics, and tools

How to set up a CI/CD pipeline

how to set up a cicd pipeline
How can you set up a CI/CD pipeline to speed up software development? Here’s an IT leader’s overview of...

5 Kubernetes trends to watch in 2020

Kubernetes trends 2020
As Kubernetes adoption grows, what can IT leaders expect in the year ahead? Look for more "Kubernetes-native" apps, security...

10 AI trends to watch in 2020

AI artificial intelligence
What’s happening in artificial intelligence in the year ahead? Look for modeling at the edge, new attention to data...



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