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8 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) training and certification courses

AI artificial intelligence
Want to gain robotic process automation skills? Check out these 8 RPA training options - for IT leaders and...

Multi-cloud: 5 important trends to watch

CIO Edge computing myths
Some organizations went multi-cloud by accident, deploying applications on multiple cloud services without crafting a multi-cloud strategy. That’s changing...

7 ways to keep up with emerging tech: CIO tips

creative thinking
CIOs must keep an eye on tech trends on the horizon at all times. Learn their tips for staying...

Edge computing: 6 things to know

CIO Delivering apps faster byod
Are you exploring use cases for edge computing? Pay attention to these factors - from security to cost

Kubernetes by the numbers: 13 compelling stats

Let’s quantify what’s going on with Kubernetes. These statistics speak to reach, adoption, Github activity, job openings - and...

8 TED Talks on emerging technologies to watch

From quantum computing to AR to bionic limbs, these emerging technologies deserve your attention. Get up to speed with...

How to explain deep learning in plain English

What is deep learning? How does it work? What is the difference between machine learning and deep learning? We...

Security bootcamp: 8 must-read books for leaders

Hackers increasingly target individuals as weak links. As the number of breaches and their costs continue to spike, it’s...

NTT Data CIO shares lessons from low-code/no-code development experiment

Barry Shurkey explains how the experiment helped his IT staff grow and learn about new technologies and application development...

Is HR ready for AI?

AI could supercharge human resources – but only if they proactively prepare for it, experts say



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