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Blockchain reality check 2020: Challenges and winning applications

blockchain trends 2020
As widespread blockchain experimentation continues, early winners are emerging among use cases in areas including finance and supply chain...

Minikube, Kubernetes' best friend: 6 facts to know

Minikube 6 things to know
If your team is building apps for containers and Kubernetes, get to know Minikube. This free open source tool...

Data science vs. machine learning: What's the difference?

data science
Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence (AI), while data science is the discipline of data cleansing, preparation,...

Migrating applications to containers and Kubernetes: 5 best practices

Kubernetes: best practices for migrating applications
Let’s examine key considerations for migrating existing applications to containers and Kubernetes, according to experts

8 reasons AI projects fail

AI artificial intelligence
Why do artificial intelligence projects fail? Let’s examine some recurring issues – and expert advice on how to avoid...

7 best practices: Building applications for containers and Kubernetes

Let’s examine key considerations for building new applications specifically for containers and Kubernetes, according to cloud-native experts

Artificial intelligence (AI) vs. natural language processing (NLP): What are the differences?

AI vs. NLP
What is natural language processing (NLP)? How does it differ from AI? Let’s discuss this branch of artificial intelligence...

10 compelling stats on the state of enterprise open source for IT leaders

cloud trends 2020
Here's what CIOs and IT leaders say about the growing use of enterprise open source and how it fits...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) moves beyond finance: 4 popular use cases

RPA Robotic Process Automation lessons
While Robotic Process Automation makes plenty of sense for repetitive finance tasks, functions such as marketing, HR, and IT...

When algorithms rule: 5 priorities for leaders in the AI age

ai rpa fears
Harvard Business School professor Marco Iansiti shares five pieces of advice for leaders charged with capitalizing on and managing...



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