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The meetings a CIO can't skip: Listening to customers

You won't hear customer pain points if you don't get out there

Kubernetes security: 4 tips to manage risks

Digital transformation security
As you bear down on Kubernetes security, use these strategies to avoid missteps in work with containers and orchestration

6 mobile trends IT leaders should watch

CIO Delivering apps faster 1
What mobile issues demand IT leaders’ attention now? Let’s start with measuring mobile app success, bringing in AI, and...

Kubernetes security: 4 areas to focus on

CVE explained
As Kubernetes’ popularity grows and more organizations use it in production environments, what security issues should teams watch?

Your IT job search 2019: A practical guide

IT job searching requires patience and strategy. Our how-to guide shares advice from your peers who’ve overcome the challenges...

3 automation lessons learned for 2019

CIO Delivering apps faster 1
Do you plan to experiment more with IT automation in 2019? CIOs share real-world experiences to help guide your efforts

How this IT organization turned AR/VR enthusiasm into reality

A trip to Hollywood inspired the adoption of augmented and virtual realities at Rosendin Electric

5 mobile phone battery breakthroughs to watch

Who doesn’t want mobile phone batteries that last longer? These five developments hold promise for personal productivity and enterprise...

How to explain cloud-native apps in plain English

CIO Edge computing myths
What exactly is a cloud-native app? What do people get wrong about the term? We get to the bottom...

What comes after Moore's Law?

Today's short-lived software applications and cloud services open up possibilities for more specialized processor designs



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