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Hello, Alexa: How voice is changing software development

Storytelling tips for leaders
IT teams need to adapt as voice rewrites development rules. Keep these five fundamental changes top of mind

5 interesting AR/VR projects in action

What do immersive reality technologies look like in the real world? These early business use cases offer a glimpse...

Blockchain jobs: 5 ways to win that role

How can you get a blockchain job – even without a ton of experience? Experts share advice on how...

How to explain containers in plain English

CIO Containers Ecosystem
If you haven't had to explain containers to non-techies yet, you will soon. Use these explanations from container experts...

Blockchain jobs by the numbers: 11 notable stats

What's the real story on blockchain jobs - and hiring challenges? Dig into data on blockchain job openings, titles,...

Why IoT is not an island

Internet of Things text with devices
As IoT increasingly becomes an integral part of many enterprise technology stacks, I see a future for IoT mixing...

Cloud costs: 4 myths and misunderstandings

CIO Illustration Dollars
Don't let these persistent cloud cost myths damage your strategy, lead to cost overruns, or feed "told you so"...

10 ways to learn more about blockchain

CIO digital transformation
Still confused about blockchain? Whether you have time to watch a quick video, read a book, or take an...

The state of public cloud: 10 notable statistics

CIO Cloud
These stats paint a picture of how organizations are using public cloud in transformative ways – and what's coming...

How to explain blockchain in plain English

Reinvention Imperative
Arm yourself with definitions that will help you explain blockchain to others. One expert compares it to a school...



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