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Multi-cloud spending: 8 tips to lower costs

multicloud spending
Are you overspending with your multi-cloud strategy? IT leaders and multi-cloud experts share their best advice on how to...

Multi-cloud security: 7 issues to watch

Using multiple cloud providers is not riskier than using one: Each arrangement has its pros and cons. Prioritize these...

5 AI fears and how to address them

ai rpa fears
IT leaders implementing AI will encounter fears – many of them well-founded. The trick is to focus on these...

Robotic process automation (RPA) job interviews: How to prepare

Want to move into the growing job market for robotic process automation (RPA)? Here’s what hiring managers and candidates...

How to explain AI in plain English

AI artificial intelligence
What is artificial intelligence? How does AI work? What are the enterprise use cases? Here’s how to discuss the...

Cloud security: 4 layers of protection you need

CIO Cloud
Maybe a ticked off employee will seek revenge. Maybe someone will accidentally delete critical files or expose data. Take...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) by the numbers: 14 interesting stats

Let’s quantify what’s going on with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These statistics speak to adoption, ROI results, job openings...

How to explain natural language processing (NLP) in plain English

nlp explained
What is natural language processing (NLP)? How does it work? Where is NLP used? We break down this branch...

Data science: The 3 analytics experts teams must hire

data science
In the quest for quants, many companies overlook three key roles: Data science translator, behavioral psychologist, and data storyteller...

10 edge computing myths, debunked

CIO Edge computing myths
Is edge a cloud killer? Is edge the same as IoT? As edge computing becomes more important to enterprises,...



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