Isaac Sacolick

President, StarCIO

Isaac Sacolick is the president and founder of StarCIO, a technology learning company that guides leaders on digital transformation. A lifelong technologist, Isaac has served in startup CTO and transformational CIO roles. He founded StarCIO with the belief that agile ways of working and data-driven practices can empower diverse teams to drive transformation.

He is a writer, keynote speaker, and author of the Amazon bestseller, Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation through Technology. His new book, Digital Trailblazer: Essential Lessons to Jumpstart Transformation and Accelerate Your Technology Leadership is now available. Recognized as a top digital influencer, Sacolick is a frequent contributor to The Enterprisers Project and InfoWorld, where he writes about digital transformation, agile management, and other technology and leadership topics. You can find him sharing new insights @NYIke on Twitter, his blog Social, Agile, and Transformation, or the Driving Digital Standup YouTube channel.

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