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What the New York Times CIO is doing to make the newspaper a mobile-first company

CIO Mobile
In the early days of the web, almost all brick-and-mortar companies woefully under-invested in digital technology and product development...

8 advantages of using open source in the enterprise

Kickstarter Your Enterprise CIO
What are the top advantages of open source? Let's explore issues of agility, cost, security, and more

Major Overhaul: How the FCC CIO plans to modernize 207 legacy IT systems

Chief Lateral Thinking Officer CIO
When Dr. David A. Bray took the reins as the new CIO of the Federal Communications Commission last year,...

Gene Kim: What high-performing IT organizations do differently

Big Data and AI use cases
Author and DevOps enthusiast Gene Kim is passionate about studying what makes successful IT organizations tick. Through his research,...

Government and Commercial CIOs face different challenges

CIO New Employee Employer Contract
Retired U.S. Army Major General Nick Justice shares his insights on the challenges facing CIOs in government and commercial industries.

DevOps is not a synonym for application development

CIOs are at a cultural crossroads
Lewis Carroll first coined the term portmanteau to describe "two meanings packed into one word." DevOps is a current example which has also become a popular topic in the world of IT. If you've been reading about it online however, you'd be forgiven for thinking DevOps is only about accelerating application deployment into production. For some, it seems, it's easy to forget that DevOps has a much broader meaning, and that it's about building a culture of collaboration, communication and cooperation between development and operations.

Vanguard CIO: IT must enable and accelerate new products and services

reinvention imperative
An interview with John Marcante, Chief Information Officer and Managing Director of Vanguard's Information Technology Division

CIO Innovation: WiFi at the SuperBowl

Wifi at the Superbowl CIO
According to NFL CIO Michelle McKenna-Doyle, the NFL will be tracking what fans do on the WiFi networks and dumping the feedback into an analytics engine. The more they know about online behavior at games, the more value they can derive for the teams and fans. "Loyalty programs are amazing when people have a compelling reason to share their information with us. We can take lessons from the best in world on loyalty," she says in the CIO.com story.

How do CIOs deal with agile and DevOps?

Aaron Stibel CIO
An interview with Aaron Stibel of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp about Agile and DevOps.



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