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Diversity and inclusion: 10 signs your organization is stalled

diversity and inclusion
These signals show your organization is resisting change on diversity and inclusion efforts. Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei...

How to teach kids to use tech to help others

crisis leadership how to create psychological safety
Encouraging your child to solve problems with technology during this time won't guarantee they’ll pursue a career in IT,...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy: 3 tips for crafting yours

AI artificial intelligence
Shaping and implementing a successful artificial intelligence (AI) strategy requires thoughtful analysis of business problems, care with data, and...

4 myths about open source in government

Open source tools
Open source tools suffer from persistent misconceptions about cost, security, and acceptance. Government IT leaders need to discern open...

How to get your first IT leadership job

how to get IT leadership job
An IT veteran shares six essential steps to convince your organization that you're cut out for that IT leadership...

DevOps: 5 things teams need from CIOs

devops leadership habits
Consider these lessons learned as you strive to give DevOps teams what they need to succeed - from flexible...

IT careers: How to persist as job searching gets tough

IT career twists
Job searching in these uncertain times requires focusing on the future – and trying out some special strategies for success

Scrum for beginners: What you need to know

devops trends 2020
Scrum can help agile teams streamline workflow and reduce risk – but it's not right for every situation. Here's...

Digital transformation ROI: 7 ways to improve

Digital transformation ROI
IT leaders can take actions to boost the long-term value that their organizations derive from digital transformation project dollars...

9 leadership books worth reading now

Leaders are finding new meaning in some books on their shelves. CIOs and IT leaders share their picks for...



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