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IT leadership: 3 practices to let go of in 2021

how to build a disaster recovery plan
The challenges we've all faced in 2020 have taught us a lot about what is most important as we...

IT careers: 8 hot jobs in 2021

IT Careers 2021 hot jobs
Both IT job seekers and hiring managers need to understand what's in high demand. Cloud, security, data, and AI...

3 ways to show gratitude to your remote teams

Here's how to let remote team members know you appreciate their hard work and commitment throughout 2020's adversity

Emotional intelligence during remote work: Leadership tips for 2021

With remote work likely to be the norm well into 2021, consider these tips to apply your emotional intelligence...

How hard-hit industries can plan for the future: Lessons from Amtrak IT

Bringing services back stronger than ever will be one of the biggest challenges in Amtrak’s history. Judith Apshago, VP...

How to find security blindspots during COVID-19: Think personality

Security jobs: What's hot and what's cooling
Security is everyone's job during this time of remote work – and different personality types respond to stress in...

10 leadership books to stretch your skills in 2021

Check out these books for new wisdom to help you lead with kindness, consistency, and customer focus in uncertain...

Remote work: 6 ways struggling managers can reset

You think you have a remote management problem? Perhaps you need a more agile leadership model: These six processes...

How to empower data teams in 3 critical ways

Two employees analyzing data and reports
We need strong, collaborative data teams — not just to solve global problems like COVID-19, but to spur innovation...

Remote work and hiring: 5 trends to watch in 2021

Resume on target with arrow through it
Remote work – or some version of it – is here to stay. Look for these workplace trends to evolve post-pandemic



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