Our top 8 favorite Raspberry Pi articles

Happy Pi Day! To celebrate, check out these articles about the beloved Raspberry Pi
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For more than a decade, the Raspberry Pi has captured the hearts and minds of open source hobbyists, students, and professionals. Though it is lightweight and affordable, this single-board computer is robust. The Raspberry Pi is ripe for tinkering with up to 8 GB of RAM, multiple USB ports, a USB-C power port, and many other compelling features.

Whether you use the Raspberry Pi to teach a family member how to code or set up a fleet of them to run your smart home, the project possibilities are endless. But the Raspberry Pi is not just for the weekend warrior. Enterprises see the benefits of using the Raspberry Pi at work, too. IT teams use the Raspberry Pi to experiment with edge computing, Kubernetes, security monitoring, and AI/ML tasks. Of course, the Raspberry Pi is best used when having fun, so don't forget its potential as an effective team-building tool.

Today, on March 14th, we celebrate Pi Day by rounding up our favorite articles about Raspberry Pi written by our community of IT leaders and CIOs.

Top Raspberry Pi articles

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