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Edge computing brings data processing closer to where the data is collected. It's often used in concert with IoT devices, big data sets, and real-time data. Edge is not a product but an architectural decision. Edge doesn't replace cloud computing but complements it. Get advice from your peers and edge experts on edge computing strategy, trends, and more.

Edge computing: 4 problems it helps solve for enterprises

edge computing trends 2020
What kind of problems could edge computing solve for your organization? Consider these real-world examples from organizations in multiple...

Edge computing for beginners: 11 key concepts

CIO Edge computing myths
Need to get up to speed on edge computing – or educate others in your organization? Check out these...

Edge computing and AI: 7 things to know

edge computing trends 2020
How do edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) work together? Why does edge fit well with AI? What are...

7 edge computing trends to watch in 2020

edge computing trends 2020
Where will edge computing go next? Here's what analysts and industry experts have to say

Edge computing by the numbers: 9 compelling stats

CIO Edge computing myths
What's the state of edge computing, now and looking ahead? Let's dig into the data

Edge computing: 6 questions to ask before you start

CIO Edge computing myths
Before you start that edge computing project or strategy, experts advise you ask some key questions about fit, security,...

Edge computing vs. cloud computing: What's the difference?

CIO Edge computing myths
Is edge computing just new branding for a type of cloud computing, or is it something truly new? Let's...

Edge computing: 4 common misconceptions, explained

CIO Edge computing myths
The term “edge computing” covers a lot of ground - leading to confusion about edge vs. cloud, edge vs...

Edge computing strategy: 10 questions to ask

CIO Edge computing myths
Is edge the right answer for your business problem? How will you secure it? Here’s what to ask while...

10 edge computing myths, debunked

CIO Edge computing myths
Is edge a cloud killer? Is edge the same as IoT? As edge computing becomes more important to enterprises,...



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