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10 things recruiters hate about you

mobile security
Tech job seekers have plenty of choices right now. But if you pull these moves that drive recruiters crazy,...

Resume design: 5 creative ways to improve yours

Does your font scream outdated? Have you considered using an infographic? Read on for expert resume design tips

9 counterintuitive tips for dealing with people

Common wisdom doesn’t always cut it when it comes to dealing with people. Leaders who’ve honed their people skills...

DevOps salaries: 10 statistics to see

Are DevOps salaries leveling off? How much does experience and certification matter? Check out the data, job seekers and...

10 valuable cloud computing certifications

multicloud spending
Which IT certifications will boost your cloud computing credentials – and salary? Here’s data and advice on the best...

5 tips to transition into a Kubernetes job

it jobs 2020
Want to move into the hot job market for Kubernetes pros, but lack experience? Use this expert advice

IT certifications for security pros: Still valuable?

CVE explained
The security community debates the value of some IT certifications – and sniffs out pretenders quickly. Which certifications are worthwhile?

7 TED Talks for job hunters

Job hunters, stop stressing and start learning: These TED talks will help you navigate challenges and win that role

How much does a DevOps engineer make?

Putting debates around the term DevOps engineer aside, let’s explore data points on salaries for this hot job title

DevOps jobs: 5 trends to watch

it jobs 2020
What’s hot in DevOps job titles, skills, and organizational strategies? Take note, job seekers and hiring managers



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