Aaron Rubens

Co-Founder, CEO, Kudoboard
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Aaron Rubens is the co-founder and CEO of Kudoboard Inc., a platform primarily used for workplace appreciation on special occasions, company events, and everything in between. Rubens, a Tulane graduate with an MBA from Harvard Business School, brings a rich background in education and technology.

His early career was focused on education, having taught high school math at Alta Vista Charter School in Kansas City, and joining a highly selective national service corps, Teach for America. During this time, he designed and taught the entrepreneurship class and conceived the idea of Kudoboard: at year-end, he’d have students write their name and what they liked about each other on notes and pass it to classmates.

After teaching, he led the creation of Khan Academy’s White House-sponsored 4-year college admissions technology resource for low-income, high-potential students. As a concerned citizen during college, Aaron established a 501(c)(3) nonprofit called The NOLA Fund dedicated to rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, where he fundraised over $100,000 during the first year of operations through viral marketing and email campaigns.