Andrew Clay Shafer

VP of Transformation, Global Transformation Office, Red Hat

Andrew Clay Shafer is VP of Transformation, Global Transformation Office for Red Hat. Always fascinated with the dynamics of high performing individuals and organizations, Andrew has a long history helping people deliver systems with better tools and processes. With more than 20 years of experience in technology, he gravitated to Agile and Lean methods as a software developer and then applied this understanding to systems as the cofounder of Puppet. Andrew evangelized DevOps tools and practices before DevOps was a word and helped to organize DevOpsDays events since the earliest days of the movement. He’s been involved in a number of open source communities including Puppet, OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and Kubernetes. In addition to frequent conference presentations on related topics, Andrew also contributed ‘Agile Operations’ to the O’Reilly book Web Operations and wrote a Foreword for The Site Reliability Workbook. As the VP of Transformation at Red Hat, Andrew is focused on building a Global Transformation Office helping organizations make the most of their technology investments