David. F. Carr

David. F. Carr

David F. Carr is a writer, speaker, student of digital business, and the author of "Social Collaboration for Dummies." He previously served as an editor for InformationWeek, Baseline Magazine, and Internet World and has written for Forbes, CIO Magazine, and Defense Systems.

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Edge computing vs. cloud computing: What's the difference?

Edge computing trends 2021
Is edge computing just new branding for a type of cloud computing, or is it something truly new? Let's...

Zoom tips: 6 ways to make meetings better

zoom tips
Now that meeting online is a necessity, do you know the various ways to control – and improve –...

How IT leaders can master the art of the elevator pitch

Storytelling tips for leaders
How polished are you at the quick conversation that makes a big impact? It's crucial for IT leaders to...

When Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots break: 3 things to know

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interview questions 2021
Robotic Process Automation is supposed to automate tasks, but even well-designed RPA bots will break. Here’s what you should...

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) careers: 4 hot job titles

Whether or not you're technical, understanding the possibilities of Robotic Process Automation could be your ticket to a career...

Machine learning case studies: How CIOs experiment without adding talent

machine learning explained
Down-to-earth offshoots of artificial intelligence are increasingly accessible for digital transformation work. These projects tapped into machine learning –...

20 digital transformation leaders to follow on Twitter in 2020

Committed to digital transformation this year? Follow these people for perspective and emerging lessons

Digital transformation leaders' secret: Dump traditional org charts

Digital transformation 2021
MIT digital transformation expert Jeanne Ross says your organizational chart should look more like a set of APIs. The...

Digital transformation: How to personally brand yourself as a leader

Digital transformation personal brand
You’ve done some great digital transformation work: How do you make that part of your personal brand? IT leaders...

Digital transformation: 3 ways to manage security risk

Digital transformation security
How can IT leaders manage the security risks associated with digital transformation without becoming the department of “no”? Deloitte...



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