David P. Mariani

Chief Technology Officer and Founder, AtScale
David Mariani

David P. Mariani is chief technology officer and founder at AtScale. David is a hands-on technology executive with more than 25 years of experience in delivering Big Data, consumer Internet, internet advertising and hosted services platforms, creating nearly $800M in company exits. He founded AtScale in 2013 to provide access to Big Data to everyone who needs it, regardless of data format, size or the type of tool business users want to use. Previously, David was VP at Klout where created the world’s largest social media data platform including a trillion row Hive data warehouse. Before that he was a VP for Yahoo! and managed data engineering and analytics for the audience and advertising business ingesting over 20TBs of data per day and built the world’s largest multi-dimensional analytics platform. Previously, he was CTO for Bluelithium where he managed one of the first display advertising networks delivering 300M ads per day while delivering a multi-terabyte behavior targeting data warehouse. Before that he was CTO of Digital Impact, Inc. and delivered industry leading SaaS email marketing platform and drove its sale to Acxiom Corporation. Previously, he was CTO and founder of MineShare, Inc. where he built one of the world's first ROLAP platforms, selling the company to Digital Impact, Inc.