Elli Rader

Partner, Product Experience & Engineering Lab, West Monroe
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Elli Rader is Partner, Product Experience & Engineering Lab at West Monroe. As our Product Studio leader, Elli helps clients organize and rally around a digital vision. She also surrounds them with best-in-class development and client service teams as we collaborate to create breakthrough solutions.

A strong advocate for the voice of the consumer, Elli constantly finds new ways to invite consumers into the product development process. This helps clients build more compelling digital products that solve real user needs. Clients know that Elli cares as much about their success as they do, which is why they welcome her direct communication style. She is unflinchingly honest in helping clients make the right strategic decisions for their businesses.

Elli joined West Monroe through its acquisition of GoKart Labs, a digital product studio. Prior to GoKart, Elli worked in development with The Nerdery, a user experience and development firm.