It takes more than salary increases and flexible hours to retain top IT talent

CIO Managing Your Boss
Among the challenges facing CIOs is the ability to hold on to top IT pros. Of course they want...

To become a CIO, you may have to change perceptions of the IT department

The Mentor CIO
Not long ago I had the opportunity to interview two IT directors who aspire to become CIOs at their organizations. Both spoke candidly about the challenges they face and how IT was perceived before they came in and now.

CIOs are finally getting some respect

CIO The hidden benefit of keeping the teams intact
Amid all of the pressure on CIOs to innovate while keeping the lights on and fostering better communications and aligning with the business comes some good news: CIO tenure is on the rise. Esther Shein interviews Peter High, president of Metis Strategy, a Washington, D.C.-based boutique strategy and management consulting firm.

Identify software development pain points to help keep IT relevant

Identify software development pain points CIO
Any IT leader worth his or her salt is going to be constantly thinking about whether they are staying relevant to the business. Operating according to the status quo doesn’t cut it any longer -- not with constantly nagging trends like instant access to cloud computing resources and user-friendly mobile apps designed for addressing business needs.

New survey says CIOs becoming more cautious about hiring

CIO New Survey on Hiring
Just when you thought it was safe to assume the economy was looking fairly positive, a 2014 IT salary survey by Janco Associates and debunks that theory, with a less than rosy picture of the IT job market. Some 75,500 IT jobs were added in the last year, but there was a net loss of 1,400 jobs in January, the survey found.

CIOs Can Harness Shadow IT by Creating “Innovation Labs”

Enterprising CIO Repost Why Your Project Teams Should Be RACIer
Thanks to the cloud and proliferation of mobile devices, business units operating outside of IT’s purview is growing. According to a new survey by cloud consulting firm 2nd Watch, 93 percent of business units are using the cloud for services they need to conduct business – and many are circumventing IT to do so.

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