Ian Pitt

Chief Information Officer, Progress
Ian Pitt

Ian Pitt is Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Progress. Ian creates the strategy for all Progress technology systems, striking the delicate balance between future-looking innovation and ongoing technology operations. His ultimate goal is to ensure that all company systems deliver world-class experiences to employees and customers.

Key for Progress is the critical role Ian plays in providing insight and assurance around Progress’ security practices. This includes leading the company’s ongoing efforts to safeguard its networks, infrastructure, business applications and products with best-in-class internal and customer-facing security practices, as well as keeping an ever-watchful eye on the evolving security landscape—a vital talent in an age of constant digital disruption.

In addition, Ian supports Progress’ M&A growth strategy by ensuring the seamless integration of newly acquired companies and technology. His proven merger and acquisition history—on both the buy and sell sides—includes guiding a $1.4 billion merger which tapped his deep knowledge of cyber security, governance, corporate IT and global product operations.

A believer in the power of effective collaboration, Ian brings decades of experience, empowering his people with an entrepreneurial spirit essential for driving results. Prior to Progress, Ian served as CIO at LogMeIn, was the CIO at Thunderbird, served as the Worldwide Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Chordiant Software (now part of Pega), and headed research and technology at TCS. In all, Ian has built a stellar 30-year track record that earned him a three-time finalist designation by the ORBIE Awards for Boston CIO of the Year.

Outside of work, Ian is a skilled scuba diver who thrives in underwater environments. Yet, Ian likewise thrives on land, earning a degree in physics and engineering from Lancaster University, in the United Kingdom. Ian also sits on the Advisory Board of the BostonCIO industry network.