Jason James

Jason James
Net Health

Jason James is CIO of Net Health. He has led IT operations for fast-growth technology companies for over twenty years. In his previous role at Optima, James was responsible for leading the development and expansion of all IT services, infrastructure and operations, including applications, data centers, network operations, security, compliance and DevOps.

Prior to joining Optima, James was the Vice President of IT Operations for internet service provider EarthLink. There, he enhanced the company's IT operations and infrastructure, including data centers and network-related hardware. Previously, James served as the Vice President of Global IT Infrastructure Support and Operations for IT service management company PRGX, where he modernized their IT infrastructure. James began his SaaS-centric career with Servigistics, a provider of service lifecycle management software that was acquired by PTC. During his tenure, James was promoted to Vice President of Global IT, and led a geographically dispersed technical staff in managing IT infrastructure and a SaaS platform that served Fortune 1000 companies.

In July 2020, James was named a 2020 CIO of the Year by the Pittsburgh Tech Council.

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