Kevin Dominik Korte

President, Univention

Kevin Dominik Korte is the President of Univention North America, where he is responsible for the U.S. team and helps clients use open source identity management systems. Univention provides standardized identity management systems for organizations from five people to five million. Kevin's team provides sales, support, and professional services for clients in the USA, Canda, and Mexico. The intense focus on optimizing the client's identity and access management and help them reach their goals more efficiently is the particular focus of Kevin's diverse team.

Kevin's forward-facing personality and broad knowledge make him one of the central individuals in Univention's North American expansion. He is a trusted voice for both technical questions and the C-Suite.

Kevin gained his initial experience in Univention's Professional Service Team, where he was primarily responsible for rolling out the world's first commercial Samba 4 implementations. Kevin earned both his MSc and BSc in Computer Science from Jacobs University Bremen, in Bremen, Germany. A German native, Kevin has moved to Seattle in 2013, where he enjoys a seldomly quiet life with his wife, two children, and a family of brown bears that often walks through the garden.