Kristin Burnham

Kristin Burnham

Kristin Burnham is a reporter and editor covering IT leadership, business technology, and online privacy and security. 

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Soft skills: 5 ways to tell if yours need work

Your leadership career will hit a wall if you lack strong soft skills. Ask yourself these questions about how...

How to drop a work grudge

When work disappointments become work grudges, you get caught in an unproductive – and unhealthy – trap. Here are...

How to be heard during meetings: 6 tips for introverts

CIO Digital Training
Not getting your ideas across? Here’s what introverts can do before, during, and after meetings to make their voices...

5 LinkedIn tips to strengthen your personal brand

Take your use of LinkedIn to the next level, IT leaders. Make sure your personal brand comes through loud...

How and why CIOs should support an open internet

312 Week Business Vision Tim Elkins CIO Enterprisers
Vint Cerf, Mei Lin Fung, and David Bray discuss the key initiatives of People-Centered Internet – and how tech...

6 LinkedIn etiquette mistakes IT leaders hate

Bad habits in IT
What really bugs your fellow IT leaders on LinkedIn? Read up to mind your networking manners

LinkedIn tips: 5 strategies for time-pressed IT leaders

CIO Engaging, retaining and co-creating IT
Use these tips to get more value out of LinkedIn – for yourself and your team – without investing...

How an insurance CIO brought a revenue focus to IT

Digital transformation ROI
AmWINS CIO Todd Atwood, named Global CIO of the Year by the Charlotte CIO Leadership Association, discusses his group's...

Charlotte CIO: Lessons learned from building a digital city

devops culture questions
City of Charlotte CIO Jeffrey Stovall, named Nonprofit CIO of the Year by the Charlotte CIO Leadership Association, shares...

Manufacturing CIO: First word in merger is "me"

devops culture questions
Barnhardt Manufacturing CIO Kevin O’Rourke shares wisdom on mergers and building a partnership with the business



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