Matt McBride

Executive Vice President of Digital and Agile Transformation, Genesis10

Matt McBride has led multiple technology transformations from the ground up in Fortune 500 organizations such as Countrywide Financial, Bank of America, Tyco, ADT, and 1st Global.  He currently serves as Executive Vice President of Digital and Agile Transformation at Genesis10.  Matt brings a front-line perspective and insights on these initiatives, and regularly advises and consults with executives and boards nationwide.  Matt previously served as the Chief Information Officer for 1st Global Resources, a nationwide broker dealer and investment advisory firm headquartered in Dallas. 

Matt is a regular contributor on Agile and Digital Transformation topics for CIO.COM and InformationWeek.  He is also an Adjunct Professor teaching leadership, cybersecurity, software architecture, and software design courses for graduate-level programs at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.  Matt is the author of Leadership Patterns for Software and Technology Professionals (ISBN 1508634408) which is in wide release worldwide, and available from sources such as Amazon.