Michael Ramsey

VP, Customer Workflow Products, ServiceNow

Michael Ramsey is VP of product management for ServiceNow’s Customer Workflow products, which enable organizations to create seamless customer experiences and drive fierce customer loyalty. In this role, he is responsible for strategy and execution throughout the product lifecycle, including managing strategic partnerships, investments, and mergers and acquisitions. With more than 20 years of experience as a product manager, solution architect, and software consultant, Michael brings with him deep expertise of the SaaS business model and enterprise software, as well as in-depth knowledge of cloud and mobile software development with hands-on experience running billion-dollar product lines.

Prior to ServiceNow, Michael served as Chief Product Officer at Leanplum and Invoice2go, where he helped develop products to build customer loyalty and fuel business growth. He also served as SVP of Product Management at Salesforce, where he was responsible for the Service Cloud product line including all agent and customer-facing products and features.