Misti Fragen

Vice President of Learning, Research, and Culture, Novant Health

As the VP of Learning, Research, and Culture for Novant Health’s Digital Products and Services (DPS) organization, Misti Fragen is responsible for driving culture, constant education, discovery and collaboration to continue providing world-class technology capabilities within DPS and Novant Health. Misti and her team are responsible for guiding the evolution of DPS culture, while creating the infrastructure to support continued learning, pervasive communications and high impact research for DPS team members and business partners within the Novant Health healthcare system.  Misti has built her career on running large consulting teams, providing training and communications support for organizations across a variety of industries. As part of these roles, she and her teams have helped client companies reshape their culture to match their desired brand. Aside from healthcare and technology, Misti has led in various verticals including franchise development, sports marketing, shipping and logistics and small business development for over 20 years. She is a Charlotte native who enjoys travel, theatre and spending time with family and friends and has an 18-year-old son, Ari.