Rajesh Wunnava

Rajesh Wunnava
Director of Product Management - Personalization and Insights

Rajesh Wunnava, is currently the Director of Product Management – Personalization and Insights at Gracenote, where he oversees product strategy, development & business planning with P&L responsibility for advertising and mobile products. 

As a senior digital product and technology executive, his experience spans the entertainment, consumer products, and advertising industries with successful track record in leading and delivering technology-driven business innovation and growth through new products, insights and revenue streams.

Prior to Gracenote, he was Senior Director, Product Management at Warner Music Group, where he had responsibility for global product data and integration driving the product distribution, monetization, financial processes and other business technology services. Previously Rajesh worked/consulted for marquee companies such as Procter & Gamble, J Walter Thompson/Mindshare and Unilever.

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