Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby

Stephanie Overby is an award-winning reporter and editor with more than twenty years of professional journalism experience. For the last decade, her work has focused on the intersection of business and technology. She lives in Boston, Mass.

IT careers: 8 words and phrases to stop using on your resume

it jobs 2021
Are you a jack of all trades or a quick learner? Watch out: A job hunter's resume needs to...

Solution delivery architect: 6 misconceptions around an in-demand IT job

solution delivery architect role
Whether you're applying for solution delivery architect jobs or hiring for them, it's important to understand why this role...

Hybrid cloud storage: 7 best practices

hybrid cloud strategy
A hybrid cloud storage approach can help you control costs and add flexibility, among other benefits. But it's important...

How to explain hybrid cloud storage in plain English

hybrid cloud storage explained
What is hybrid cloud storage exactly, and what problems does it solve as data sets continue to grow and...

Virtual onboarding plan checklist: 10 essentials

virtual onboarding tips
Welcoming new hires while fully remote? Use this checklist to make sure your virtual onboarding plan works for managers...

The state of Artificial Intelligence (AI) ethics: 14 interesting statistics

AI artificial intelligence
Now's the time for IT leaders to evaluate artificial intelligence systems - some deployed rapidly during the pandemic –...

Digital transformation: 9 emerging roles you need on your team

Digital transformation 2021
From customer experience experts to cloud security pros, these roles could make or break your digital transformation work. Which...

Artificial Intelligence (AI): 9 things IT pros wish the CIO knew

AI artificial intelligence
CIOs and IT leaders need to know AI in reasonable depth to understand its pragmatic adoption. Otherwise, you may...

7 remote work sins – and what to do instead

Open laptop sits on tray surrounded by glasses, books, and coffee cup
How do your remote work habits rate? Check out this expert advice on routines, self-doubt, meeting cadence, and more

10 essential soft skills for the remote work era

remote manager tips
How can you best support your colleagues and teams during this ongoing period of remote work? Prioritize and cultivate...



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