Vishu Krishnamurthy

Vishu Krishnamurthy
VP of Product Development

Vishu Krishnamurthy is VP of Product Development at Vishu brings over twenty years of product development experience to his role. Vishu recently held the position of VP in Oracle Data Cloud. He headed up development of data as a service at Oracle which also entailed the acquisition and integration of data assets including targeting and social data for the purpose of sales, service and marketing applications. Previously, Vishu was responsible for bringing to market Oracle Secure Enterprise Search - an enterprise wide information retrieval system. Vishu was also responsible for introducing semi-structured data management capabilities in the flagship Oracle Database System including XML and JSON. He was also responsible for heading up text processing and object extensions in the database system. Vishu also has extensive background in distributed database management. Vishu has an M.S. in Computer Science from University of Florida.

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