• Set aside time to document your business vision

    Video Blue No Text CIO
    Watch this short video of Tim Elkins, Chief Information Officer of Primelending explain how and why it is important for CIOs to set aside time to document their business vision.
  • What to expect when transitioning to DevOps

    Enterprising CIO Repost Why Your Project Teams Should Be RACIer
    As CTO of Choose Digital, a digital marketplace where music, movies, and books are sold, Mario Cruz has experience setting up and running a DevOps environment. While he provides some terrific guidance he also includes a warning that DevOps is not a magical fix-all for troubled communication between IT and the departments it serves.
  • HBR
  • How to Keep Your Project From Going Red

    The Changing Role of CIOs
    Projects fail, and when they do there can be major consequences that no CIO wants to know about. But more common than the failed project is the "problem" project. In fact, some may argue that any project of significant scale is a problem project. I just took a look at the new book from Todd C. Williams entitled; Rescue the Problem Project that gets right at the heart of this issue.
  • New Harvard Business Review research finds innovation starts at the top

    Innovation starts at the top
    New research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services finds that companies that are using technology to set the business apart tend to have CEOs who are pushing IT-driven business innovation as a core strategy throughout their organization.
  • Inspiring Disruption for CIOs

    reinvention imperative
    Deloitte recently published its fifth annual Technology Trends report, which highlights the 10 disruptive trends Deloitte views as offering CIOs the opportunity to shape tomorrow and transform business as usual.
  • Red Hat CEO explains what it takes to get CIOs a seat at the business table

    The Death of 2.0 CIO Jim Whitehurst
    "I often hear CIOs talking about the need to maintain a core set of infrastructure well and at the same time innovate and how do you do both at the same time. And I really don't see that a choice. I actually see them building on top of each other. You have to deliver the infrastructure. You have to be able to deliver the financials on time. You have to be able to deliver the collaboration tools that the company needs. Those are table stakes." Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat
  • DevOps Roundtable Part 1: What's creating demand for DevOps?

    DevOps Roundtable Part 1
    The Enterprisers Project assembled a group of seasoned IT leaders in an interactive exchange to discuss how they're using DevOps in their organizations. Here are highlights from the conversation.
  • Positioning an IT Department for Success

    Triple Aim CIO Interview with Igor
    As the head of IT you have the good fortune of positioning people for success. That means making the right decisions that allow them to continue to be successful and, of course, employed. At the same time, you know that if you make bad decisions or bad choices, the risk is that you could impact someone’s career — and someone’s livelihood.
  • Tip of the Week: Spend time with people in your organization

    Spend time with people CIO
    Tips from CIOs for CIOs
  • Transforming Ease-of-Use in Enterprise Software

    CIO to do list
    The term “ease-of-use” has been thrown around in the enterprise software market for years. It generally referred to UIs that were reasonably intuitive, as well as deployment facilitated by sundry prompts, menus and “wizards.” The new rules of consumption economics, however, are forcing software vendors to radically re-think ease-of-use—because their revenue will depend on it. And enterprise IT will benefit substantially.


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