Top 10 DevOps articles of 2017: The Enterprisers Project

Top 10 DevOps articles of 2017: The Enterprisers Project

Check out our most popular DevOps articles of the year for lessons you can use

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Ah, DevOps. Some IT leaders have a love/hate relationship with you. You can enable amazing speed, collaboration, and experimentation. But the culture change part is so hard that it keeps people up at night. Some middle managers whine – a lot – about the changes to process and control. Then there are metrics, security, and hiring challenges to conquer. Good thing that the DevOps community is so generous about sharing lessons learned with others.

To all the DevOps leaders and experts who shared advice this year on our site, thank you. When we took a look back at the most popular DevOps articles we ran in 2017, we loved seeing the range of perspectives and knowledge.

One fact comes through loud and clear: This new way of working requires new IT leadership strategies.

“The [DevOps] concepts of blended or shared responsibilities, blameless postmortems, and speed vs. stability often run counter to the principles you’ve been taught about leading IT,” as Brian Gracely, director of product strategy for Red Hat, wrote in this year’s most-read DevOps article, 7 habits of highly effective DevOps.  

We hope you’ll take this chance to catch up on any of these great DevOps articles that you may have missed. And good luck with all your DevOps work in 2018.

1. The 7 habits of highly effective DevOps

Most people struggle to communicate about DevOps culture and desired results. Use this guide

2. DevOps requires dumping old IT leadership ideas

What does leading in the DevOps era mean? One CIO's take

3. 10 DevOps must-reads

DevOps advice from your peers on teams, culture, and metrics.

4. DevOps trends emerging for 2017 and beyond

DevOps trends for 2017, examined

5. DevOps Jobs: How to spot a great DevOps shop

When interviewing, how do you tell a fantastic DevOps organization from a mediocre one? Use this advice

6. What’s next in DevOps: 5 trends to watch

Experts weigh in on what DevOps teams can expect in the near future

7. DevOps success: A new team model emerges

It’s about enabling ops to provide an environment for developers, then get out of the way as much as possible

8. Why DevOps and cloud are essential to digital transformation

Many companies remain stuck in a bureaucratic quagmire that relies on the waterfall model of software development

9. DevOps metrics: Are you measuring what matters?

The DevOps metrics that you actually want differ from the much larger set of data you might collect in four important ways

10. DevOps Jobs: 6 eye-opening statistics

We examine the DevOps job boom – and share related advice for job seekers and hiring managers

[ For more advice from your peers, see our new resource, DevOps: The IT Leader's Guide. ]

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Laurianne McLaughlin is Content Director for The Enterprisers Project, delivering analysis and advice for the IT leadership community. Previously, she served as Editor-in-Chief at and Managing Editor at 

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