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The Enterprisers Project celebrates 9 years! A look back at the topics that have resonated with CIOs over time
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This week The Enterprisers Project celebrates its 9th anniversary! We are so grateful for the inspiring and informative thought leadership that CIOs and IT leaders have shared with us so far.

Hot topics each year like IT leadership lessons, Kubernetes, digital transformation, edge computing, flourishing and fading IT careers, emotional intelligence, AI trends, and more have provided various perspectives of CIO priorities over time. And many of these same topics are relevant today, even with a pandemic and complete overhaul of the way we work.

We hope you enjoy this look back at the top articles from each of the past nine years, showcasing the strategies, problems, and solutions that helped shape the CIO’s role into what it is today.

2014: 20 ways to create a sense of urgency

This article examined a common trait for successful people. Can you guess what it is? “The task of leading a team of people in a transformation at any level will often require an ability to create an atmosphere of urgency that can be embraced and, in turn, bring about an atmosphere of achievement,” -Rob Llewellyn

2015: 8 advantages of using open source in the enterprise

What are the top advantages of open source? In this article, one of our enterprisers explored agility, cost, security, and more issues. “Open source gives enterprises the ability to attract better talent. Most professional technologists are well aware of open source and many believe it’s where the industry is headed,” -Lee Congdon

2016: Risk-taking quotes to inspire business leaders

This piece was an inspiring round-up from Carla on our editorial team that included quotes from IT and business leaders who may have faced some of the same risks, opportunities, and challenges as you.“The whole reason for risk is to innovate faster, and you do need failure to do it, but you need to fail in a way that leads to new understanding,” Stuart Kippelman

2017: Transformational leadership: 5 big mistakes execs make

Misconceptions about transformational leadership were unearthed in this piece. “To truly inspire employees, you’ll have to do something most business leaders aren’t very good at: Finding the greater purpose in what you do and communicate it to the people who work for you,” -Minda Zetlin

2018: 10 things leaders with emotional intelligence never do

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) was becoming imperative for tech leaders when Carla wrote this article describing behaviors to avoid while building EQ skills. The advice rings true even today. “Emotionally intelligent leaders use conflicts as opportunities,” -Carla Rudder

2019: How to explain Kubernetes Operators in plain English

We love all things Open Source, so breaking down an important open source project like Kubernetes is important to us and our audience. This primer for IT leaders is helpful to anyone needing to demystify the concept. “Operators are akin to reusable templates for various tasks in an application’s lifecycle,” -Kevin Casey

2020: 5 flourishing and 5 fading IT careers

This article offered a snapshot of the roles that were most in demand in 2020 and featured insights from the recruiters and career coaches we consulted. How does this list hold up today? “Agile and DevOps have, in many cases, turned project management into a team activity,” -David F. Carr

This predictions piece from a fellow Red Hatter explored edge computing and the issues IT leaders should be ready to understand and address. "Edge computing helps IT and business leaders solve problems as both sensor data and machine learning data proliferates," -Gordon Haff

We examined AI trends at the beginning of this year as artificial intelligence goes from experimental to essential. Which of these key indicators turned out to ring true? "In 2022, expect AI engagements to become larger, more strategically significant, and more mission-critical – with a focus on long-term scalability," -Jerry Kurtz

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