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Getting started with AI in 2019: Prioritize data management

CIO_Big Data Decisions_1
If you've resolved to do more AI experiments this year, take a hard look at your data management practices...

10 technology books to check out in 2019

Get new thinking on the technologies of tomorrow – from AI to DevOps tools – and the related challenges for leaders

Where containers, cloud, blockchain, and AI are headed in 2019

AI artificial intelligence
Let’s look at each of these four key trends – and where they converge

AI in 2019: 8 trends to watch

ai rpa fears
Forget the job-stealing robot predictions. Let's focus on artificial intelligence trends – around talent, security, data analytics, and more...

10 IT predictions for the next 5 years: IDC

What forces will shape the CIO's to-do list now through 2023? Listen to what IDC has to say about...

How to future-proof your IT job in the age of AI

Who's afraid of robots? Here's how to stay one step ahead of the competition

The biggest changes in IT in the last 5 years

CIO Disrupt Yourself
As The Enterprisers Project celebrates its 5-year anniversary, we look back at how IT has morphed. CIOs and tech...

Artificial intelligence: The king of disruptors

ai rpa fears
SAS CIO Keith Collins discusses how to help IT teams prepare for, and benefit from, artificial intelligence tools

AI bootcamp: 10 books to get up to speed

You've had enough artificial intelligence hype. Dig into these books to focus on what's coming for your organization, team...

Is that AI decision fair? Consumers, regulators look to IT for explanations

AI artificial intelligence
Why did you deny that mortgage? Why did you hire that job applicant? As pressure grows to make AI...



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