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Why CIOs make good COOs

CIO Choosing Doors
CIOs are strong COO candidates, says Brad Cowles, who recently made the jump

Pivot or abort: What to do when a project goes sour

CIO as Digital Leader
You've sold the C-suite on a new project. Only now things aren't going according to plan and the data...

To evolve as a CIO, start with the right infrastructure

CIO_Big Data Decisions_1
When I became CIO at this organization, the CEO asked me to create a set of shared data services...

Strategic CIOs embrace emerging technologies for competitive advantage

AIOps Digital Tools
“78 percent of the CEOs responding to PwC’s 2016 US CEO Survey said they were somewhat or extremely concerned...

Influence the inner circle with this leadership advice from Discover CIO

CIO Engaging, retaining and co-creating IT
Do you want to become part of your organization's leadership inner circle? Join the conversation about its business goals...

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