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IT leadership: Lessons from the early days of the pandemic

By establishing flexibility, cost-effectiveness, business partnerships, and a culture of ownership and accountability, we successfully dealt with great change

6 habits of successful IT leaders in 2021

emotional intelligence
One thing we have learned from the pandemic crisis is how much improvement many of us need as IT...

How hard-hit industries can plan for the future: Lessons from Amtrak IT

Bringing services back stronger than ever will be one of the biggest challenges in Amtrak’s history. Judith Apshago, VP...

4 ways to optimize customer engagement during the new normal

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up. digital transformation
While handshakes are on hold, how is your organization using AI and other technologies to personalize and improve customer...

Lincoln Financial CIO: How to build a learning culture – even in a pandemic

zoom tips
Lincoln Financial CIO Ken Solon shares how he's bringing a virtual perspective to his longtime commitment to prioritizing the...

IT leadership: 3 ways to increase employee engagement this winter

As the remote workforce heads into the winter months, many workers may struggle to stay engaged. Consider these approaches...

Remote work: 3 ways to prevent IT team burnout

Woman in white top walks beneath low battery icon
Between pressure to accelerate digital transformation and external stresses, IT teams are in serious danger of burnout. IT leaders...

Remote leadership: 9 ways your style may backfire

remote security policy
As CIOs and IT leaders adapt to leading fully-remote teams, they may inadvertently adopt bad habits that could hurt...

4 realities of hybrid working that CIOs must address

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up
From meeting dynamics to merging toolsets, these issues demand attention now that we are through the first months of...

How public sector CIOs can help bridge the digital divide

Public sector CIOs have countless opportunities today to make a difference, not only within our own four walls, but...



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