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COVID-19 struck my first week as CIO: 5 lessons learned

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Rick Huff started as CIO at Paycor on March 9, 2020 – just in time to get a front...

Navigating the crisis: How my team focuses on the customer

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For software development company HuskyJam, every customer experienced unique challenges after COVID-19 hit. Listening became imperative number one

Johnson & Johnson CIO: Transformational leadership needed now more than ever

Jim Swanson didn't expect to jump into crisis leadership mode three months into his new CIO role. But COVID-19...

Navigating the crisis: My team's remote work win

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When the disaster exceeds all definitions of your team's disaster scenarios, focus on trust, patience, and communication

Digital transformation: 5 ways COVID-19 is forcing positive changes

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The COVID-19 crisis is rapidly reshaping the "what" and "how" of digital transformation agendas - for the better. Look...

Vanguard CIO: 5 principles helping us navigate now

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Vanguard went from five to 95 percent of staff working from home. Since then, CIO John Marcante's team has...

LogMeIn CIO: This is IT's time to shine on business continuity

The spotlight is extremely bright right now for CIOs, writes Ian Pitt. CIOs should be using this moment to...

Navigating the crisis: How my team balances collaboration and security

CIO leading remote teams tips
Sumo Logic's chief security officer explains how they're taking a human-first approach to balance collaboration and operational security during...

5 tips to help your team focus during the pandemic

In times of stress, the best leaders use emotional intelligence to inspire and motivate people. Consider this advice to...

CIO role: 7 signs of opportunity from Dallas CIO of the Year winners

With the pandemic giving new meaning to the term "challenging times," winners of the 2020 Dallas CIO of the...



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